[VIDEO] Vote Local. Keep the progressive movement moving.

30. April 2016 Campaign 0

If you want to keep the progressive movement moving you have to vote local. Local progressive candidates are the future of the progressive movement. The Johnson County Board of Supervisors Democratic Primary election cycle is under way. Do you know who you’re voting for?

The people elected will shape the policies that shape our community for years to come. Do you know where the candidates stand on important issues like land use and urban sprawl? Who among the candidates best mirrors your values and goals? What’s your vision for the county and our communities in the next 10 years? Are you looking for more of the same or can you think of a few things you’d like to see change?

All politics are local and local politics impact our lives every single day. Learn about the candidates. Ask questions. Get out to events. Get out and vote.

The primary election will be held on June 7th. Early voting is open now. See this blog post for details about where to vote and when.

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