Responsible Rural Development

The pattern over the last half century has been clear. As our communities grow, we are building more and more homes further away from our urban centers. But we don’t always build responsibly. Builders often build where it makes little sense to build, particularly in areas where farming is still a predominant way of life. This has to stop.

  • We are taking valuable farmland out of the hands of farmers and placing residential developments in areas where the farming way of life conflicts with the needs of residential homeowners.
  • We can’t continue to take over land that has been the backbone of Iowa economics and central to our county’s growth. We can’t continue to build out when we leave areas we have already developed to crumble. There has to be balance and responsibility or we are doomed to repeat past mistakes.
  • We must maintain and sustain what we build. If we aren’t able to do that, then we shouldn’t be building anywhere.