One of the candidates is not like the others. Watch the forums.

Over the past several weeks the candidates in the Democratic primary for Johnson County Board of Supervisors have participated in forums that engaged in a wide range of subjects that impact our county. The topics have ranged from aging, the environment, as well as labor and justice issues.

Traditional news media has covered the Supervisor’s campaign well at times but has not fully explored an issue regarding candidate voter registration. Because the media has not covered this issue, I feel compelled to write about it publicly. My hope is making this public will reflect my dedication to speaking the truth. One of the core reasons I am driven to run for office is a desire to speak truth to power, to stand up and be heard, and represent those who have the most need and very little voice in the community. The community should know about inconsistencies in candidate statements and voting registration.

There are 6 candidates vying for 3 spots in this race. We are not the same. Some of us weren’t even Democrats until very recently. All are welcome in the Democratic party, but inconsistencies between public statements and actual voter registration records should be accurately explained. One particular candidate, Patricia Heiden, has a long record of being a registered Republican and most recently became a Democrat weeks before entering this race. However, her statements regarding her history in the Democratic party at 1:19:00 in the League of Women Voters forum are troubling. Her statements don’t match her voting registration.

Here’s her quote from the League forum:

“I registered as a Democrat in Johnson County in 1980. Again, I registered as a Democrat in Johnson County in 1980. And in the more than 35 years that I have had the privilege of voting in Johnson County there have been a couple of times that I’ve crossed party lines, because of the issue, or because of the person. But my roots are deep in the Democratic party. I mentioned about my mother and father held fundraisers in our home for Harold Hughes, John Culver, I believe, and I’ve lived by the principles of the Democratic party.  And again, my roots are deep in the Democratic party.”

Here’s how she’s actually been registered to vote since 1980:

1980: Registered as No Party

1994: Registered as Republican

1996: Registered as Democrat

1998: Registered as Republican

October 2015: Registered as No Party

January 4, 2016: Registered as Democrat

February 11, 2016: She announced her candidacy for Board of Supervisors.

Ms. Heiden was a registered Republican for 19 of the last 35 years. She was affiliated with No Party for 14 of those years. She was registered as a Democrat for 2 years. These facts do not match her public statements.

The records that bear this out are available at the Johnson County auditors office. I have seen them. I honestly believe it’s important that voters know their candidates and their backgrounds.

I encourage you to vet the candidates thoroughly. The answers they provide in these forums are often quite revealing. I hope you’ll find that I, as well as a couple others, have the background, passion, and moral compass to represent Johnson County in a way that reflects our community values. Please watch these forums, make your choices and vote on or before June 7th.

Watch the Board of Supervisors Forums:

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